Aluminum Fence Brands

Still not positive aluminum fencing is right for you? Aluminum fences are fabricated from alloys that are stronger than most steel fencing. Fences made from aluminum are finished with a powder coating to protect them from harmful UV radiation and weather damage. Aluminum fences are lightweight and can easily be installed on a slope by racking or stepping.

That doesn’t mean aluminum is perfect for every application, though. Horse braid fences are generally better for containing livestock and vinyl fences complement vinyl siding. Still, aluminum won’t rust like wrought iron fencing or rot the way wood does. This makes aluminum an excellent choice for pool fencing. Best of all, aluminum fences are low maintenance and offer all the protection and security of wrought iron and ornamental steel. Most aluminum fences also come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Aluminum fences are manufactured by numerous companies. Below, you’ll find a brief company overview and installation manuals for some of the most common aluminum fence manufacturers, including Allure, Delgard, Elite, FREEDOM, Gilpin, Jerith, Ultra, and Vanguard.

Allure: Home Depot’s brand, Allure fence sections come in several sizes and styles, both with and without top rails, and most are pre-assembled. Home Depot also sells gates, accessories, and line, end, and corner posts. The company even offers blank posts for custom installations.

Delgard Premier Aluminum Fencing: Delgard offers residential, commercial, and industrial aluminum gates and fences. Delgard’s catalog also includes the Aero and American series fences in up to ten styles and five colors. Delgard aluminum is extruded with 50% recycled materials and is fabricated, painted, assembled, and packaged in the United States.

Elite Fence Products: Elite has been manufacturing fencing supplies since 1986. Elite’s ornamental aluminum fences are available in residential, commercial, industrial, heavy industrial, and pool grades. Each grade comes in a variety of styles and has options for aluminum gates, fence posts, and accessories. Most of Elite’s fences come in white, black, bronze, beige, green, brown, and sandstone. Elite also manufactures aluminum railings, cantilever gates, and accessories.

FREEDOM: FREEDOM is Lowe’s in-house brand of aluminum fencing. Lowe’s offers several fence panel sizes and styles as well as a few types of aluminum driveway gates. Lowe’s fencing sections are pre-assembled, but may not be in-stock.

Jerith: This manufacturer focuses on arbors, ornamental wire, wire fencing, and aluminum fence. Jerith offers six series of aluminum fences with several styles in each series along with numerous gates and accessories.

Ultra Aluminum Fencing:  Ultra fabricates swimming pool, residential, industrial, and business fence supplies as well as aluminum railing, drive gates, walk-in gates, and more. Each piece is coated with a patented formula designed for longevity and low maintenance.

Vanguard Aluminum Fences: Vanguard produces aluminum fencing supplies for residential and industrial grade applications. Vanguard’s fences are perfect for pool enclosures, decorative accents, schools, airports, government institutions, and more.

Ready to get started? Take a look at the Allure, Delgard, Elite, FREEDOM, Jerith, Ultra, and Vanguard installation manuals we offer right now.

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