Aluminum Fence Installation Tips

While the fences featured on this site are made of durable, lightweight materials, we realize aluminum fence installation can sometimes be a frustrating process. We are here to tell you it is possible to have a pleasant experience while installing your fence. To make installation as hassle-free as possible, we recommend you keep these simple tips in mind.

1. Call before you dig. You may live in an area with strict zoning laws, and the last thing you want is to have your fence installed only to have to move it a few months later.

2. Draw out a fence line. Chalk or spray paint make excellent markers. Don’t worry too much about mistakes – even a quick walk with chalk will do the trick.

3. Grab a buddy. It takes two to tango, and at least two to install a fence! Benefits of having help include faster installation, eating snacks, and having a pal to laugh with.

4. Gather all materials before starting. This includes everything in the box, as well as tools and water.

5. Pace yourself. Be sure to install your fence the right way the first time. Read all instructions before starting to avoid mishaps.

Become an ultimate DIYer and impress your friends! We are proud to offer aluminum fence installation instructions for the most popular aluminum fence brands.

Elite aluminum fence gate

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